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R & R Xcursions actually began in 2009 as two individuals began planning detailed group trips for family and friends. Bob Tuck & Ron DeLauter, co-founders of R & R Xcursions, learned the travel industry in depth while planning for cruises, tour excursions and other trips.

The actual concept for this service was born during the close of a very memorable trip in June of 2008, while on a cruise ship in the Mediterranean. Pre-planned excursions at every port of call on this trip, resulted in a once in a life time experience for everyone, not soon to be forgotten. During that pre-planning process for this trip in particular, we discovered a high level of difficulty in locating reliable tour groups.

Travelers want personalized service, attention to detail and are often unaware of restrictions, exceptions, and fine print. Making the right choices based on price alone is not always the best course of action for travelers. We hear too many stories of travelers regretting that they didn't have a service to turn to like ours.

Jointly, Bob & Ron discovered the need in this industry to provide a service to travelers that they can confidently turn to. A place where personalized tours are often preferred over those of crowded buses. Our experience has proven to us that we can consistently book tours that are comparable, or more inclusive than the others that offer tours and at prices that are consistently more competitive. We only partner with proven establishments where luxury level vans or mini buses are readily available in the majority of the locations.

Bob & Ron have a long history of sales and customer service in both a corporate and small business environment. This, combined with their passion for travel and detailed planning, set the solid corner stone for creating this service to travelers. Previous planning activities for business and personal trips worldwide, a thorough understanding of the market and experiencing the need that travelers have today, all provide the key tools for a successful outcome to service today's traveler.

This travel service was long overdue to you the traveler. Advertising and your word of mouth continue to grow our service to travelers. We hope that you will not only use our service, but will share the information with your friends, family and travelers in your social networks. We look forward to assisting you and to your return, many times in the days ahead.

 We do not book cruises or airfare, but can certainly point you to several reliable sources.

Come back and visit us, because R & R Xcursions is the first visit, immediately after you book your cruise!

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